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Hi, I'm Wrensch.

Yes, it's an interesting name, one which makes it easy to find me on Google – maybe that's how you got here.

My story is simple; I've always loved, and been drawn to, photography and good photos. The earliest ones I can find in my archives date back to 2002, from when I was 13. I shot my first wedding in 2010.

Over 130 weddings later a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. So what's changed? I was converted from Windows to Apple, and can't imagine going back. I've revamped my website a few times, moved from Stellenbosch to Cape Town, and upgraded cameras and lenses more times than I'll admit. I completed my studies and figured out what I want my photography to portray. There are still changes happening and I learn something new with every shoot, but I've found my style.

And what's stayed the same? I'm still the same knowledge hungry yet easy going guy who can be distracted by almost anything. I'm still in love with the same girl, and we're getting married this year. Canon and Apple are still the only brands I follow. I still believe only 5% of items sold in malls are useful. And, I'm still addicted to my one cup of good coffee a day.

More importantly, weddings are still a big deal, and one I love being a part of. If you want me to be a part of your big day get in touch. The sooner the better.

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